Day Habilitation Services

Our Day Habilitation Services are accredited by CARF in Community Services, Community Integration (Accreditation Announcement).

Our Access Centers act as a base to provide a menu of supports reflecting the wants, needs and requests of each member and his/her family. Three of these services are Day Habilitation, Alternative Day Services and Transportation.

The day habilitation program consists of planned, coordinated, goal-oriented supports that are designed to improve functional ability. It is available for individuals at least 22 years old, who can gain from active treatment designed to improve levels of independence. The provision of clinical services, an established therapeutic environment, and supportive atmosphere encourages taking risks and meeting challenges, thus providing our members optimal social functioning, skill development and personal growth.

Within the day habilitation program individuals may access our Resource Team for assessment, evaluations, referrals, support plan development, direct clinical treatment and consultation. Communication, Health and Lifestyles, Sports and Fitness, Lifeskills, Community Supports, Expressive Therapy, and Clinical Services are among service components available.

Communication, overseen by our Speech/Language Therapy department, includes supports that develop speech and language skills, as well as the use of assistive and talking communication devices, signing, and computers.

Health and Lifestyles, overseen by our Nursing/Health Care Department, encompasses health care supervision, safety skills, sex education, hygiene, nutrition, and social interpersonal skills.

Sports and Fitness, overseen by our Physical Therapy Department, promotes personal well being through exercise, swimming/aquatics, sports, games, aerobics, walking and mobility.

Lifeskills, overseen by our Occupational Therapy Department, focuses on self-care, cooking, household skills, creative arts, horticulture, and sensory integration.

Community Supports, overseen by our Community Liaisons, emphasize the importance of participating in and experiencing one’s community through social/recreational activities, work situations, and volunteer opportunities.

Expressive Therapy incorporates music, dance and movement, art, creative writing, and counseling.